Book - The Complete Aliens Omnibus #1

2016 sees the 30th anniversary of the film  Aliens™ and Titan Books have announced a classic title to celebrate it...

They come in silence like death in the night. They are perfect killing machines. They are the Aliens, and some people value them above all else. But the attempt to weaponise a creature of such power is a very dangerous game for the inhabitants of Earth to play...

Issued together for the first time, The Complete Aliens Omnibus combines three tales, Earth Hive, Nightmare Asylum and The Female War, all employing the classic mix of science fiction and horror that made the film a fan favourite.

Set in the years after Aliens™ and Alien 3™, this omnibus features the iconic character of Lieutenant Ellen Ripley as she attempts to defeat one of film history’s most notorious monsters. Father-and-daughter author team Steve and Stephani (S. D.) Perry, who have previously worked on books for Stars Wars, Resident Evil, and Conan, have crafted a saga which will delight fans of the Aliens™ franchise.

Steve Perry is an American television writer and author of more than 50 books including Star Wars novels, Tom Clancy’s Net Force series, and his original Matador adventures. Stephani Danelle Perry is an American author of numerous tie-in novels for Resident Evil, Star Trek, and Predator. Both authors live in Portland, OR, USA.

Image - Titan Books

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