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Down Station

From Philip K. Dick Award-winning author, Simon Morden, and our friends at Gollancz comes a stunning SF quest across London, Down Station...

In the vein of Michael Moorcock and Julian May, the world of Down Station is built on another, magical, world that bears uncanny links to London. It’s out-of-the-ordinary novel with engaging characters, a gripping plot and a surprising take on London’s rich history and mythology.

In Down Station a small group of commuters and tube workers witness a fiery apocalypse overtaking London. They make their escape through a service tunnel. Reaching a door they step through...and find themselves on a wild shore backed by cliffs and rolling grassland.

The party embark on a quest for meaning and identity. It is a thrilling journey into the heart of a secret that could change us all.

Simon Morden has won the Philip K. Dick Award and been a judge on the Arthur C. Clarke Award. A popular figure on the genre scene he has also proved to be a popular author of both noir SF and extravagant Fantasy themed SF. He has also been an editor at Focus magazine. He has a degree in Geology and Planetary Geophysics. He lives in Gateshead.

Down Station will be published by Gollancz on 18th February 2016, and is available for pre-order now.

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