Gaming - Defective Inspector's Monthly Report

The Defective Inspector is back in the offices of /G-f to give us a monthly round up of all the indie gaming news in his Criminal Activity Report. Here is December's file...

Snow is falling… Everywhere else… 
People singing… Making me sick…. 
Tis the season, for gaming and amusements. 
Merry Games Report…. Everyone. 

Much like in October I am stalwart in my decision not to fall to seasonal cliché. But this is a month like any other month and I have a job to do like any other job, so take this into your stocking and smoke it.

Project Genom is a lovely game which has given me hope for the MMORPG genre. Traditionally games in this region are target, click spells/skills and watch the grind continue. It seems Project Genom doesn’t believe in this, more a matter of aim and shot. Add in the fact you will have the chance to build your own spaceship? Oh it made me happy in my festive parts… If you’re as excited as I am, click here

From one game which has barely started Easy Access to another saying good bye to the title. As of 4th December this game has thrown off the shackles of being “in development” and dared to say “I am complete”. It’s a lovely game where you build your own aircraft and go toe to toe in a dog fighting warzone. I own this game, I’ve played this game and now it’s finished… I’ll review it. But if you’re too impatient to wait I recommend you follow the little blue line.

Team 17 are legendary in my world and to ignore their 25th Birthday would be upsetting to say the least. These guys created the Worms franchise, gave us Alien Breed, introduced us to The Escapists and EVEN NOW continue to bring us what we want with the development of Yooka-Layle responding to cultural gaming demand. You guys are truly pioneers to me, sail ever forward! If there is anything I can do for you guys, just tell me. I owe a portion of my childhood to you

Defect: Spaceship Destruction Kit has recently rolled itself in its Early Access purchase stage. It has been developed and published by Three Phrase Interactive Pty Ltd (What a mouthful) and shows an epic level of promise. A huge reason for my personal interest is because Ziggy Stardust appears to be inside one of the ships, want to make sense of that? Clicky clicky

This month my recommended crowd funding project has to be Stellar Stars. The best way I could explain it is the game is a strange love child of MOBA and rogue-lites without looking like a strange mutant. Despite sounding pretty straight forward it is really not, there are mix of clever plot and straightforward solid gameplay. The game has been chugging along for over a year now and it seems like they are ready for investment and for you to play the demo. If you believe in this game or maybe just want to try it out, show your support!

That’s it people! 2016 is just around the corner, I hope you have liked this year as much as I have. Thank you to every reader so far in 2015 and hope to see you all next year!

Images from Steam, and Indiegogo.
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