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The Defective Inspector gets to the last page on his desk calendar and decides he'd better look back through the usual suspects to come up with his Top Five games of 2015...

The greater powers beyond my control have made something very clear, the year is ending. I was as surprised as the average person, which is unusual for me. But as the year folds itself away and the next one is being shaken vigorously like an unopen Christmas present. Since I lack the better skill of prophecy I am left with one thing, talking about the glory days like a Vietnam War veteran.

It’s important to note most of these games will be indie-esque. It’s too easy to say games Fallout 4 and Dragon Age Inquisition are in the top 5. Ultimately they had a budget which could feed Africa… Twice. So I have taken it upon myself toss them aside and give notice to the unusual, the interesting and maybe even the unfinished. If you disagree I shall log it into the network, while waiting for a response from a customer service representative accept my way and behold the silicon highway which is my cyber-middle-finger.


5. War for the Overworld by Subterranean Games

Letting a legend live again is the greatest honour bestowed to us, the loyal fan base, and to the creators themselves. Allowing Dungeon Keeper to spiritually return is a blessing that cannot be quantified within feasible numbers. Not only is the game a good, stable, enjoyable and interactive experience it is a monolith level middle finger to EA games. It’s almost impossible not to be happy when talking about this game. I am smiling now over the bloodied flesh sacks screaming in pain over an open fire being slapped about by non-copyrighted dominatrix’. It’s a dangerous thing to admit but it’s replaced my copy of Dungeon Keeper 2 as my slap-happy game of choice, well played

Long Dark

4. The Long Dark by Hinterland Studio Inc.

I was lucky enough to try this game out just before 2015 ended, it allowed me to slip it into this article with pride. There is a subtle joy in playing a game where you are completely and utterly f*cked. It’s just you, the elements, a realistic fear of wolves and A LOT of flammable objects. Rather than being the Rambo of the winter you are an everyday person who can just about make a fire, vaguely understand the premise of fishing and value every piece of clothing like it was made of your own Mother’s love. This game isn’t finished however it smells like a great storyline is brewing in the background. Until it’s ‘complete’ I recommend anyone who is bored of the traditional survival game to give this a try, you will be pleasantly surprised by its unique approach.

Space Engineers

3. Space Engineers by Keen Software House

This game is one of the best games I’ve seen and it keeps getting better with every update. One of the hallmarks of a classic is when you can enjoy it before it’s even finished knowing that, with time, it’ll be perfect. It has been compared to Minecraft and its living up to that legacy selling over 1 million copies before leaving alpha. Being able to build my own space station, craft and colony while fighting for resources on distant asteroids is just a little too cool to pass up. The creative freedom granted is astounding and every person will make a different ship a different way, it’s rather beautiful. The only reason it’s not higher up on the list is the lack of finish, there is so much of this well untapped that it’s a flirt of the digital world.

War of Mine

2. This War of Mine by 11 bit studios

Granted this game was released in the end of 2014 but it didn’t get fully polished until the scenario editor was added in 2015. Collectively this game is the peak of depression and an important reminder in this day and age with horrible acts appearing left, right and centre. The easily forgotten innocent people who sit between the trenches are often forgotten and 11 bit studios cleverly saw the potential to spread the word, raise some charity capital and somehow still make it playable. When the scenario editor was added it prompted people to make their own stories and spread their own word. Granted it also made billions of zombie related timelines siphoning every speck of realism from the game but HEY HO we can only blame the gamers for that!

Prison Architect

1. Prison Architect by Introversion Software

Lick my lips and call me Sally, a game where I could micromanage little sabuto men who have done horrible, horrible things? Sign me up and give me a slice of joy with it. My strange need to find games with economic management and creative design have been established during the era of Theme Park/Hospital. So when another comes out of the woodwork and somehow does something a little different I have to take notice. Like many games on this list I tried it during the early days, before all the bugs had been fumigated from the code wall. But now it’s complete, running and STILL being updated.. There is little I can say about this game which upsets me, I love the way each prisoner has a background, I love my designs completely change my prison’s functionality, I love how I must keep making bigger and better prisons and most of all I LOVE how this game was developed. Since it finished in 2015 I count it within 2015 and thus I call it the best game I’ve played in 2015. Well done!

Before I wrap up this year I’d like to include some honourable mentions, games I felt were good enough to be considered but just fell short for one reason or another. Many of these games are still being developed and maybe they’ll appear next year…

Honourable mentions: 7 Days to Die, Adventure Capitalist, The Forest, Besiege, Massive Chalice, Don’t Starve and GRAV

And that’s it folks, 2015 has wrapped up rather nicely. With new games coming out almost every week I can only imagine what the future holds for us all! OH and if you disagree with my top 5 listing I’d love to hear from you, could always use a laugh…

All images have been taken from Steam’s store page for each respective game.
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