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Bloodlust 3

Susan Omand heads for the Dark Shadows of Collinsport again as she listens to Episode 3 of Bloodlust...

“Every decision you make is a gamble that may just prove fatal”

As the murder investigation continues, Amy (Jennings) Cunningham and her family attempt to settle in. Andrew Cunningham sets off for his first day at work at the Collinsport Star as Amy gets over her hangover from the previous night. At the Tate’s, Cody is round for breakfast with Jackie as her mother, the Sheriff, says she’ll be back late as there have been some “developments” in the case.

At the Blue Whale, Ed Griffin is talking to his dead wife Susan but she disappears as Ed’s mother Jessica enters, wondering who Ed is talking to. Trask gets picked up on the beach by Sheriff Tate who takes him back to the station to get cleaned up.

At the Star, Andrew reports in for work and suggests interviewing the Sheriff about the “supernatural element” of the case. However Kate sends him up to the Collins Mine to interview David Collins about future plans.

At the station Trask has changed and been given coffee and the Sheriff asks about the night of the murder. Trask however claims not to remember anything of that night apart from meeting Kate Ripperton near the Blue Whale. He also tells the Sheriff that Mike Devereux is out of hospital, back at the Inn and that she should go and talk to him about that night.

At the Collinsport Inn, Mike is having breakfast with Inn owner Maggie Evans. Maggie asks how Mike knows Amy and Amy, entering the room with the children, answers that they met in college. Harry, Amy’s step son, takes some toast and goes outside to sit. Maggie babysits little Tommy while Mike and Amy have a chat. Amy is suspicious at the “coincidence” of Mike being there but he tells her not to worry and he’s leaving shortly.

Outside, Harry is taking photos with his Polaroid camera as Jackie and Cody arrive and they all head for somewhere “with a better view”. Inside, the Sheriff has arrived to talk to Mike and he also says he saw Kate Ripperton at the docks that night. Mike also mentions to the Sheriff about hearing Ed talking to Susan in the bar that night and the Sheriff asks him about his lost Inn key that Ed claimed he went out after them with, although Mike denies losing it.

Meanwhile Andrew arrives at the mine and talks to David Collins about the business. David invites Andrew to see inside the mine. From Widow’s Hill, Harry, Jackie and Cody can see Harry’s dad, Andrew, down at the mine and head off to follow him. At the mine Andrew manages to steer the conversation around to the murder and David says he hopes they track down “whoever or whatever” did it before saying he had to get on with some work. The three from this hill follow Andrew as he leaves.

Back at the Star, Kate is on the phone to the hospital asking him about the puncture wounds left on the murder victim. Harry comes into her office, asking to see his father but Kate says he hasn’t returned yet. Harry shows Kate his photos from the mine and she offers him some work experience as a photographer and sends him off to find his father.

What’s the real story between Mike and Amy? What happened to Trask’s memory of that night and where has Andrew disappeared to?

Again there were lots of little nuggets of information this time but one part of the episode really didn’t sit well with me, that being where Andrew went after he left the mine. While the introduction of a new “old” character then was very welcome and sets up an interesting story for future episodes, there was just too much of a leap in how and why Andrew was there that it really confused me, more than being a twist in the story. Other than that though, a good solid episode and I found the Sheriff’s recap of the murder suspects at the end very useful to get the threads of the story straight. The acting from most of the cast was also solid but special mention has to be made of Scott Haran, who plays young Harry, as I have a feeling he’s going to become a pivotal part of the story and he’s playing up the geeky naiveté very well. The incidental music was also much more in evidence this episode, especially at the start, and it really helped to add a feeling of anxiety, as if everyone was on edge or waiting for something.

I guess we may find out more in Episode Four.

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