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Criminal activity report folder

The Defective Inspector is back in the offices of /G-f to give us a monthly round up of all the indie gaming news in his Criminal Activity Report. Here is January's file....

2016 looks surprisingly similar to 31st Dec 2015…

Despite the almost mirrored impression of dismay, there is hope on the horizon. With everyone poo-pooing the idea of a new year’s resolution there is unclaimed wasted gym membership money and I know just where to spend it. In fact I have a few suggestions right here…


IGF Awards

First and foremost let’s talk about something rather big in the under(appreciated)world; The 18th Independent Games Festival! Yes the festival is finally an adult and WHAT an adult. The nominations list is overflowing with unique, quirky, special and downright brilliant concepts. Even better we, the humble gamers, can get involved in the voting process! I can say I will be playing a couple of the nominees over the next few weeks so watch this space for more news. However if you cannot wait for me, click here and learn more.



Post-apocalyptic games are pretty much a gold standard in the indie industry but this one is a little different. Think WALL-E but with a motorcycle wheel and you’ll have some idea what Defunct is about. This clever and colourful adventure driving game is due to be released by the end of January, prepare yourself to be the “broken” robot of the post-human world by driving on down to the Steam store page. 

Train 2 game

James Mahon & Train2Game

Though the future is bleak in Defunct people like James Mahon are trying to make it a little brighter. He’s trying to get students to join him in making games for kids while studying as a Game Designer himself! It’s not often we make people aware of opportunities to be involved in big projects from the ground up so it may be worth a look. Click here where Train2Game made the announcement for further contact details.

Finding Paradise

Finding Paradise

Anyone in the gaming world will remember ‘To the Moon’ for its emotional rollercoaster and impressive emotion/enjoyment double team. They are ready to take it to another level and announced the trailer to the sequel ‘Finding Paradise’. Very little is known about the concept so far but if it’s anything like last time we can prepare ourselves to ride the feel train all the way to the bank.  If you feel ready for another journey down emotional avenue watch the trailer at the bottom of the page. Unfortunately we won’t be getting this game until late 2016 maybe 2017 allowing sufficient time for us to rehydrate since the last crying ordeal.

Crowdfunding Project of the Month: [] this game isn’t fun []

I… don’t really know what it is about this game. Maybe it calls to my nihilist nature or perhaps the underbelly of cynicism in the industry but this… this game has interested me. Watching the footage showed me a few things about how the game was made and it appears deceptively clever. Will it actually be fun and simply be a trick? Whatever it is I find the statement that I “Won’t beat it” insulting and thus I will find out. Click here and join me, it’ll only cost you a dollar.

Be sure to keep an eye on /G-f over the next few weeks as there will be reviews regarding some of the nominees for the IGF awards. Until then however I bid you all a good day, that is to say I wish you a good day rather than it is a good morning whether you want it to be or not.

Finding Paradise Trailer

Images -, Steam, Train2Game, Freebird Games and Kickstarter

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