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Dot London launches a public art initiative to celebrate some of the capital's leading contemporary digital artists ...

Dot London, the capital's unique domain name, is launching Dot to Dot, an exciting art initiative using a mix of digital and traditional art forms to showcase 20 London-based artists across the city and online (, from Tuesday 12th January - Sunday 28th February 2016.

The 20 Dot to Dot pieces will be displayed in a number of satellite exhibitions at venues around the city throughout January and February, including Covent Garden, St Christopher's Place W1, One New Change,The Trunk at The Artworks in Elephant & Castle, BOX PARK Shoreditch and Borough Market's Market Hall which will feature an exclusive show of large hanging dots.

The city-wide exhibitions will feature an eclectic mix of still and digital art works from established and up-and-coming artists. Showcased talent includes renowned conceptual artist Duggie Fields; influential and uncompromising duo, The DNA Factory; and urban art collective, Greyworld.

dot cool

The art pieces will additionally be displayed within posters across London as large circular, or 'dot', stills. The artist's fully digital pieces can also be viewed on their new, corresponding Dot London websites or visit to see the full collection.

Dan Hill, Head of Dot London, said: "London is a melting pot for creativity and technology, and Dot to Dot is where they intersect. Our art initiative will showcase the capital's diverse range of artistic talent using contrasting modes - pop-up satellite exhibitions, street art and Dot London websites to help reach a wider online audience."

The digital artworks created for the project include, 'On Target', a swinging Sixties inspired dot, by graphic designer and illustrator Rian Hughes; 'Dotted Fox', a seemingly randomly arrangement of smaller dots to creates the image of a walking fox, by Yoni Alter; and 'Happy Dot', a bright yellow smile evoking the phrase "Turn that frown upside down" by contemporary artist, Stuart Semple.

London art icon, Duggie Fields, said: "I was excited to animate 'So Cool' and bring it to life for Dot to Dot. I feel that the computer takes me into areas of creativity I never expected to find myself, so it felt right to align my identity and my work with the London I love, interactively, by displaying my piece using a Dot London web address."

Dot to Dot is the first in a series of activities arranged by Dot London to take place over the next three months across the capital. 

dot fox

The Dot to Dot Satellite Exhibitions 

The Trunk at The Artworks in Elephant & Castle, 12th - 17th January

One New Change, City of London, 12th - 30th January
The Market Hall Exhibition, Borough Market, 12th - 30th January
The Covent Garden Digital Dot Room, cinematic art experience, 18th - 31st January
BOXPARK Shoreditch, 1st - 28th February

Participating Artists 

Duggie Fields,  


Bert Gilbert,  

Stuart Semple,  

Gregoire A. Meyer,  

Yoni Alter,  

Trinity Tristan,  

Paola Minekov Art,  

Sheila Fratini,  

Rian Hughes,  

The DNA Factory,  

Maggie Lambert,  

Matt Cooper,  

James Curran,  

Morris Monroe,  

Simon Eves,  

Michelle Loa Kum

Yair Neuman,  

Mandii Pope,  

Dilek O'Keeffe

Images - 'So Cool' by Duggie Fields, 'On Target' by Rian Hughes, 'Dotted Fox' by Yoni Alter, (PRNewsFoto/Dot London)

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