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Channel 5 X -Files

The Truth is Still Out There as Channel 5 release their trailer for The X-Files while Fox goes a few steps further with the actual first minute of the new series and behind the scenes footage ...

We all know The X-Files is coming to Fox in the US on 24th January and Channel 5 in the UK in "early February" right? We all know the hype has been building.... and building.... and building, yeah?

Well here AT LAST is the Channel 5 trailer for one of the most anticipated returns for ... a while at any rate.

Hurry up and recover your composure (it's ok you'll likely have a minute's worth of advert to sit through first which should help bring you back down to earth) because here (fingers crossed they haven't pulled the footage yet) is the FIRST MINUTE of the first new episode from FOX

And I said they'd go some better? Released late last night, UK time, here are a couple of "behind the scenes" videos from the series.

In the first one, Executive Producer Chris Carter and star Gillian Anderson illuminate the current state of Scully & Mulder’s relationship.

And in the second one Executive Producer Chris Carter and cast members David Duchovny & Joel McHale discuss the pivotal character of Tad O’Malley.

And finally... save this one for your teabreak as it's 20 minutes long... but it's worth it, in case you missed it over the Festive season.

You're welcome.

Image - Channel 5

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