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Pierce Brosnan will star in a new Ernest Hemingway adaptation...

According to Hollywood Reporter, Pierce Brosnan and director Martin Campbell, who first teamed up for the James Bond movie Goldeneye, are going to be working together again on the adaptation of the Ernest Hemingway novel, Across the River and Into the Trees. This is in addition to their current pairing for the currently filming The Foreigner, the Jackie Chan action thriller that caused controversy this week by blowing up a bus on a bridge near the Houses of Parliament in London as part of a stunt, which has been seen by some as being highly insensitive to the 7/7 victims and their families.

BAFTA winner Peter Flannery and Oscar-nominated Michael Radford (Il Postino) have written the screenplay adaptation for Across the River and Into the Trees, which tells the story an American officer serving in Italy right after World War II, facing news of a terminal illness. Determined to spend his weekend in quiet solitude, he commandeers a military driver to facilitate a simple duck hunting trip and a visit to his old haunts in Venice. As his plans begin to unravel, a chance encounter with a young countess begins to kindle in him the hope of renewal.

Across the River was published in 1950 and was the legendary author’s last full-length novel be published before his death. The story contains the author’s signature themes such as love, war, youth and age and is told in a series of flashbacks from the point of view of the Colonel, whom Hemingway based on his friend Colonel Buck Lanham, a decorated soldier who the writer met when he was a war correspondent. The woman in the story, described as having 'a profile that could break your or anyone else's heart' was also based on a real person from Hemingway's past, as she was a daughter of an aristocrat named Adriana Ivancich with whom he became infatuated; there was a 30-year difference between them.

Brosnan will star and Campbell will direct Across the River and Into the Trees, which will be produced Robert MacLean, John Smallcombe, Kirstin Roegner, and Claudia Bluemhuber. William J. Immerman will exec produce.

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