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Messages from The Alien League interrupted normal programming across Channel 4 shows, radio, YouTube and in the cinema...

Bizarre alien messages took over TV, radio and internet channels as a renegade alien group appeared to take over the airwaves. The Alien League, a rebel group featured in the new  E4 drama The Aliens which is due to air in March, appeared to hack into programming to broadcast their message appealing for people to support their cause.

The messages ‘interrupted’ programming and urged viewers and listeners to visit a dedicated website - - using slogans such as ‘Join Us’ or ‘Fight Human Oppression’and appeared across all Channel 4 channels as well as during ad breaks on ITV and Sky. In a media first, three E4 shows (Virtually Famous, Rude Tube and a repeat of Gogglebox) were interrupted whilst popular YouTubers agreed to allow their channels to be interrupted with the hacks.

A series of specially created fake radio ads for butter, car insurance and toilet cleaner were also hacked with audio from the Alien League and in the cinema, clips appeared during the iconic Pearl and Dean and DCM idents. These 20” and 40” clips show a member of the Alien League rallying support for the cause amongst her fellow aliens before the human border guards drag her away.

Harry Dromey, Group Marketing Manager at Channel 4 said: "We challenged ourselves to entertain and bring the drama to life. The result is the disruption of as many media channels as possible to stop people in their tracks and get them talking about The Aliens. It's necessitated an incredible amount of collaboration working in sweet harmony with 4creative, OMD UK, Social Chain and numerous innovative media owners."

The Aliens follows the story of Lewis, a border guard who mans the checkpoint between the alien ghetto and the human side of the wall. But when he discovers that he is the world’s first half-alien, he finds himself drawn into a world of divided loyalties and a search for his own identity.

Image - The Alien League
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