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Empire V

Steve Taylor-Bryant discovers that sometimes a book has more bite than first thought as he reads Victor Pelevin's Empire V, thanks to Gollancz...

Roman thought he'd found the perfect opportunity to rebel. He may have been wrong. He awakens strapped to a set of parallel bars in a richly appointed sitting room, and begins a conversation with a masked man which will change his life. His world has been a façade - one which the mysterious Brahma is about to tear away.

A stunning novel about the real world, and about the hidden channels of power behind the scenes, EMPIRE V is a post-modern satirical novel exploring the cults and corruption of politics, banking and power. And not only are these cults difficult to join - it turns out they may be impossible to leave.

The last time I read a Russian book it was a story I wanted to read but one that seemed to lose something in its translation. This time I get a book that shows the craft of the author perfectly but it's a subject matter that holds no interest for me. It's like I'm being punished for something and that my punishment is to have my enjoyment of Russian authors taken from me. That being said, there was enough in Victor Pelevin's Empire V that I can happily state that if you like vampire mythology then you should definitely read this book.

I'm not a lover of vampires, or any of that side of horror if I'm honest, but I am a fan of great writing, fluid storytelling and excellent character building and the fact that Pelevin kept me reading right to the end of the novel is testament to his obvious skills as an author. I wouldn't read another book of this type by Pelevin but should he ever turn his hand to something more psychological I'll queue around the block for a copy.

Image and Synopsis - Gollancz

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