TV – The X-Files Season 10, Episode 6

The X-Files Season 10 Episode 6

Steve Taylor-Bryant takes a look at the season finale of the comeback kids, The X-Files and gives his opinion on the season overall. With spoilers and much swearing...


Here we are.

Back where we started with My Struggle and faced with the imaginatively titled My Struggle II.

What to say about this episode?

Travesty is about as positive as I can be. I’m struggling myself due to writing this through possibly the worst period of anger I have ever faced. It’s only a TV show so maybe my emotions are ‘alien’ to a few of you (see! I've resorted to bad puns just to cheer myself up) but some of us had quite a lot riding on this rebooted classic.

We wanted our X-Files from the early 90’s back but with better effects and a more mature and world wise cast.

We wanted good television as there isn't enough of that these days.

We kind of saw this as the television benchmark for remaking something and after this awful…hmm, what word shall I use? BOLLOCKS, I am now petrified of what may happen to Twin Peaks next year. I trust David Lynch but I used to trust Chris Carter and now I wish him personal harm.

I do not have a problem with the idea of a global contagion, it’s a little overdone in the entertainment world but sure why not have a pop at trying to bring something else to idea. The contagion is built from alien science and was put into the human race with childhood vaccines, okay with you so far although that sounds like the plot of a very bad straight to DVD film. The conspiracy to wipe out but a chosen few is controlled by the hideously disfigured Cigarette Smoking Man, fine that makes sense and now I might be able to buy into this as an X-Files story. He is committing this global culling because you didn’t recycle properly!

Wait! What?

Yes folks the evil mastermind that is CSM, who by the way the only part of this last episode that has even a modicum of respect left from me, is going to use alien science he stole in the 50’s to punish humanity for Global Warming, Deforestation, and throwing milk cartons in the landfill?


Its okay though as Scully has alien DNA, and then she doesn’t, and then she does again, so she can save the world with a vaccine made from her blood. She rushes to Mulder who had spent most of the episode missing after being beaten up and then dying slowly, who miraculously is saved by Agent Miller and manages to get within a few hundred yards of Scully despite a city in panic and gridlock on the roads (added to the fact they weren’t even in the same State a few scenes before. Now I've never been to America but I’m pretty sure its not that small) to find Mulder needs Stem Cell Therapy from their son (another political argument inserted for good measure) but she doesn’t know where he is and there is an alien ship above her shining a light on her and…The End.

My Struggle II wasn’t even as good as an episode from Season 9 and at least then we knew they were taking the piss and just after a paycheck. Political ranting masquerading as a script my nearly 4 year old could have written. The CSM during his totally wasted and not really important scenes, which by the way saw the return of Monica Reyes but as the CSM’s assistant or secretary or something for reasons I’m sure I should care about but really don’t, said to Mulder after winding him up about Scully…

“Every man has his weakness. Mine was always just cigarettes.”

Mine used to be The X-Files.

Someone else can review Twin Peaks as I’m not putting myself up for this kind of horrific disappointment again. Honestly I feel like grabbing Fox executives and screaming “You cancelled Firefly but you think this shit is okay do you?”

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