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Death Sentence: London collection by Monty Nero hit the shops yesterday. Here's what you're missing...

The taboo-smashing epic of sex, death and superpowers is back for an unforgettable second chapter! The G-Plus virus, which grants people superpowers but six months to live, is spreading through the world's populace faster than ever... Can a cure for G-Plus be found before their time runs out? Vivid characters, stunning artwork, a real-world feel and knife-sharp dialogue all combine into an unforgettable package.

This new release is a collection of the six comics that make up the London chapter of Monty Nero's epic work. We are huge fans of Death Sentence and of Monty Nero and, as well as interviewing the man himself about his London series of comics, our bossman Steve also reviewed (with some spoilers) each of the comics as they came out last year:

Issue 1

Then Monty Nero announced another Death Sentence adventure would be coming and I went into a complete panic, forgetting all the thoughts I've written above, concentrating this time on the fact it'll never be as good, the bar has been set too high, why are you killing your legacy?

Happily though I was completely wrong. Cumguzzling Jizzturtles was I wrong!

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Issue 2

Monty Nero’s work is like a fine wine – Gulp it down, fall over, and then wait for the hangover to clear before dribbling on your laptop.

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Issue 3

I'm still not 100% sure that Monty Nero doesn't need some kind of therapy, he can't be sane and dream these ideas up, but with the London run of Death Sentence he has added a much more human level to the madness on the page and I'm still hooked.

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Issue 4

The introduction of a new character can be a tricky one, especially when it's not at the start of a new run, but on this occasion Monty Nero and Martin Simmonds both take that challenge and can sit back as I did and marvel at their success.

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Issue 5

Firstly I must say that each issue of Death Sentence: London works as a standalone as well as part of the bigger picture but issue five has taken all of the various strings and started to show how they will all come together as the story unravels and it is done stylishly.

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Issue 6

For every moment of humour and for every exotic take on a swearword, there is a real story, real characters, living real world issues as well as the imaginary problems that are part of the fiction.

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So there you have it. That is why we love Death Sentence: London, now go buy a copy so that you can love it too.

Images - Amazon/Titan Comics.

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