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Ahoy, avast and shiver me timbers mateys. 'Tis almost time to gather some doubloons together to support the next great project from the madness of Madius Comics...

Launching this Thursday, April 28th, from the dastardly duo of Rob Jones and Mike Sambrook, writers of Madius Comics’ Papercuts and Inkstains #01-04, Ramlock Investigates and the Ghastly Award nominated Tragic Tales of Horrere, Griff Gristle is a supernatural thriller comic with a punk rock tone, kickass diving suits and beards!

This time Rob and Mike have teamed up with Cornish based art powerhouse Rory Donald, aka Reach Illustration (Cast Adrift ­ Papercuts and Inkstains #02, Timeworn Tales of Torment & Terror, Pigs Might Surf, The XT Tractor) with an extra helping hand from designer Brad Holman (Madius Comics alumni, Average Joe) to produce the 36 page supernatural thriller comic with a punk rock heart that takes tropes from horror and the supernatural and puts them all at sea...

Something terrible is afoot in the sleepy fishing town of Charlsberg. Disappearances, strange lights and the town's slow death all point to otherworldly goings on... Enter fisherman, mystic and all round spectral asskicker, Griff Gristle. Aided by Justine, the sister of one of the missing, Griff must track down the source of these disappearances and finds a lot more than he could ever have bargained for.

Coupled with the first story of Here Be Monsters in issue one is the short, "Love Story" which sees Griff face up to a ghost from his past...

Madius Comics, in case you didn't know, have printed 11 other books already, which have gone without a hitch, and have released comics independently for the past year and this is their first crowdfunding project. They said that Griff was always meant to be that as they felt that a Kickstarter would give them a greater opportunity to deliver a bigger, broader scoped story.

The comic artwork is completely finished, it's lettered, edited, PDF'd and "PRETTY DAMN FINE!" according to themselves - we will have a review ready for you shortly - and it's all polished and ready to be printed. The crowdfunding campaign is to fund a decent payment for Mr Donald, for his spectacular art skills, and to allow Madius to fund the production and printing of Griff Gristle and its subsequent packaging and delivering to you. They have also promised that, if there is some money left over, then that will be put towards creating issue two!

Go and  join the big Facebook Kickstarter launch event and find out more.

Image - Madius Comics

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