Film - Invasion of the Not Quite Dead

News has just come in to the /G-f office that we're very excited about indeed, as AD Lane's Invasion of the Not Quite Dead goes back into production...


Indywood Studios are very pleased to announce that the indie Horror Film, Invasion of the Not Quite Dead (#IOTNQD) is now back in production after a short hiatus. An intense and redefining take on the zombie genre, #IOTNQD sees an infection spreading through a small village community leaving blood drenched devastation in its wake.

In 2006, independent film-maker & entrepreneur, AD Lane, came up with a name for his production company that best described how he wanted to live his life. This was Indywood. Representing pure independence, the idea was for him to make a film on his own terms and to revolutionise the way movies got funded by pushing the boundaries of what could be achieved using the social networking site Twitter. The result is Invasion of the Not Quite Dead.

Filming is now more than half completed with the final climactic scenes slated to begin shooting in May, in and around locations in Kent.

A new website and trailer for the film will be coming soon but, in the meantime, you can keep up to date with all the latest news at:


Image - Indywood Studios
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