Gaming - Video: Let's Play Darkest Dungeon

Let's Play

In the second of his Let's Play videos, the Defective Inspector presents the video evidence for Darkest Dungeon...

I think we can fairly safely say the Defective Inspector enjoys playing Darkest Dungeon.

"Let’s make something clear right off the bat, I love this game. This entire case file is merely a way of me explain how MUCH I love this game, why tell you this now? Simple! If all you needed was another person to approve the game, consider it done. At this very moment in time I genuinely believe I have found my current favourite indie game of 2016. So what is the game precisely? Simply put it’s a rogue like RPG dungeon crawler with a bad attitude and tough love parenting practices. Progressively you must work your way through hordes of stomach churning creatures with the intent of dipping into the Darkest Dungeon. Why do this? Fame? Women? Famous women? No! In fact it’s because some long lost relative/friend/letter writer contacted you hoping you’d lock up the pure evil he unleashed aeons ago. Simple really…"

Read the rest of the Defective Inspector's review here but only after you've watched the video below!

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