Towel Day - My Towel, A Review

Ian Ham rounds off our themed articles for Towel Day... by talking about his towel...

My towel. I always know where it is. Apart from today when I came to review it. Then I panicked a bit. But it was OK, it was under the bed.

My towel is the 1995 Pan Books Hitchhiker Guide to the Galaxy tie-in version. It is white with pink stripes. And of all the possible places in the world, it was manufactured in Belgium. It was probably fitted with the latest in hypoallergenic and antimicrobial features, with a very pleasing GSM. There is a zero twist in this towel resulting in an extra soft and fluffy hand feel.

It is a comfortably large decorative towel that is quick drying and easy to care for. It has been mercerised to help prevent shrinkage.

Which is all well and good, but it is 21 years old, is fraying round the edges, is no longer very fluffy, and is quite badly faded. It smells a bit funny and it has shrunk a bit.

Its tragic claim to fame was that it was going to star in a play last year, but was callously dropped at the last minute due to a fit of good taste by the director.

I give my towel 4/5 stars because it’s cool. And it’s mine.

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