TV - Arrow Season 4, Episode 20

Arrow Season 4 Episode 20 Genesis

Steve Taylor-Bryant leaves the Phil Collins jokes to Felicity this week and instead tries to uncover Darhk’s evil plan in Genesis...

John Diggle: Andy told me that Genesis was coming.

Felicity Smoak: I don't think so. Phil Collins said they'd never tour again.

There was a fair bit again happening this week so my review is slightly different. This isn’t a blow by blow of what happened and who said what as usual, this is just me trying to contain my excitement as I watch Damien Darhk start his endplay and Oliver and the team try to work out what he’s doing.

Poor old John ‘Spartan’ Diggle. Not only has he the weight of guilt on him about Laurel’s death, now he comes across his delinquent younger brother Andy again and still can’t bring himself to pull the trigger. Andy pretends to let John capture him but has sneaked a tracker device onto him so they can find Lyla and Sarah in the mobile fortress. This time, as Diggle escapes and Andy gives chase, Felicity arrives back from Hub City in time to knock out some Ghosts and rescue Sarah leaving Diggle to kill Andy, which he does reluctantly but still does.

Where did Felicity arrive back from? Oh yes, Hub City where Oliver had been seeking help from Constantine’s old pal Esrin Fortuna about how he can defeat Darhk’s magic. Short answer is that he can’t, he has too much darkness in his soul and not enough light. Whilst Felicity is running people over, Oliver in his full Green Arrow garb rescues Lyla from the clutches of Damien Darhk and manages to put a shot across the bow of Darhk by showing, even for a split second, that he can indeed summon enough niceness to use his own brand of magic to stop Darhk.

Darhk though has escaped with the Rubicon file that had been hidden in Lyla’s arm. Rubicon is the program that would give Darhk complete control over the entire world’s nuclear arsenal, his biblical flood before his project Genesis underground rebuild, which leads nicely to Thea’s whereabouts. She was off for the weekend for romance time with Alex, who it appears has been chewing those yellow vitamins that Ruve gave him that make him compliant to HIVE’s will which has left Thea locked underground in a psychotic version of The Truman Show.

Lots of action, a fair bit of Damien Darhk, I really like this dude, he’s like a mystical Bond villain, and various traps and tribulations for the remaining TeamArrow this week which has just ramped up my excitement for the rest of the season as it draws towards a close. Only downside? Lots of John Constantine mentions but no appearance. DC, the CW, the writers, anyone with any power in television need to get this guy back in front of my eyes quick sharpish.

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