TV - Arrow Season 4, Episode 21

Arrow Season 4 Episode 21 Monument Point

It's Cold War flashbacks for Steve Taylor-Bryant this week as Genesis begins in Arrow’s Monument Point (with SPOILERS)...

The president asked me if the fate of the world is resting in the hands of an IT girl, a criminal and two guys in Halloween costumes.

So what does nuclear Armageddon look like? It doesn’t look glamorous like it does in the movies, it's nearly always having to hide under your school desk whilst a bemused soldier, nearly always Russian, wonders if that silo warning alarm is a vodka fuelled prank. It’s also really inconvenient, I remember after the 1986 Chernobyl catastrophe, I lived on mainland Europe at the time, we were fearing end of days, well my parents were, I was busy being pissed off at not being allowed on the grass to play football due to possible radiation contamination, but I digress. This week’s Arrow just brought back those memories as Damien Darhk really did initiate nuclear Armageddon.

Luckily though Felicity is an uber-hacker and reluctantly teams up with Noah ‘The Calculator’ Kuttler, her father, to try and develop an algorithm that will stop all the world’s nuclear missiles from firing at each other. Meanwhile Green Arrow and Spartan have to try and keep Noah alive as Darhk has recruited Brick (remember him?) and Murmur fresh from their prison escape to assassinate him, oh and the equipment that Felicity needs is at PalmerTech, which is a slight problem, as the board just met and unanimously agreed to terminate her with immediate effect.

Surely it would just be safer to move to Darhk’s underground town safe from the threat of annihilation? Wrong! Lonnie Machin is back and itching for revenge on Damien Darhk. He’s managed to sneak downstairs to the safety of the town underground and after being thwarted in his first plan to blow up the dome by Malcolm and Thea, he decides to sit and wait for Darhk. Thea steps in to try and fight him off and sadly loses the brainwashed boyfriend Alex’s life in process.

Eventually the missiles are all stopped by Noah and Felicity, except one. That one rogue Russian weapon is aimed for Monument Point where it will kill millions of people so Felicity does some clever tech thing and moves the GPS coordinates of Monument Point so the missile strikes down in another town. Tens of thousands of people are still killed though and, underneath City Hall, Green Arrow and Spartan find Damien Darhk and his idol capturing the spirit of all those deaths to become more powerful.

Awesome week again. This isn’t so much a build up to the season finale as part two of a four part seasons end and it’s so good to watch. Vinnie Jones snarled his way back into an episode like he’d never been away, Murmur and Machin join The Calculator, Malcolm Merlyn and Damien Darhk as bad guys galore seem to be more involved in the fight on both sides. The contrast in the settings was great to see as well. You had the gritty Star City and ArrowCave tech look up against a cross between 1984, The Truman Show and a documentary on prisoners of war and it worked really well to keep the two worlds apart, you really buy into the underground town theory when it doesn’t remind you of everyday Star City.

Bring me more of the same with added Damien Darhk and bring it to me now!

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