Film - Holidays

Billed as "A must-see anthology from the horror community and Hollywood’s most distinct voices," Holidays is coming to the Edinburgh International Film Festival this month...

From an extremely gruesome Easter to a disturbingly macabre Valentine’s Day, Holidays is a portmanteau horror unlike any other: exploring a full calendar year of grisly festive stories, challenging our perception of annual festivities, subverting them and laying their darker side bare.

With writers and directors including Kevin Smith, Nicholas McCarthy and Gary Shore and starring the likes of Seth Green, Harley Quinn Smith and Lorenza Izzo, Holidays is an anthology horror that puts a grisly twist on some of our most beloved seasonal events.

If you fancy a late show, Holidays will be screened at the Festival on 23rd June at 11:20 pm (tickets from here) but, if you can't make it, the film will be available on DVD from Monday 10th Oct. 2016 and for download from Friday 15th July 2016.

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