Gaming - Video: Let's Play Block'Hood

Lets play

The Defective Inspector plays Block'Hood, discovers that electricity is a fruit and his Scottish accent is sub-par...

Today I had the immense pleasure of playing something which was more than a game. I say that like a grand statement but it’s genuinely true, there is more to this than playtime and silliness. Block’hood is a game about neighbourhoods, synergy, economy and ecology. Traditionally I don’t touch games like this because it’s dangerously new and early access but its concept has a certain je ne sais quoi. Few attempted building and successful challenges later I can tell what it is, just not in French...

Read the rest of the Defective Inspector's review here if you haven't already, and watch his playthrough video below, which has a spiffy new title sequence and isn't in French [or in Scottish either at 19 minutes in - Susan]

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