Review - False Solution, Head in the Sand

Does Susan Omand find the real deal with False Solution or does she have her Head in the Sand listening to their new EP...

Y'see this is why I love writing for a site that champions the little guy and gives a platform to indie creators as well as covering big name and classic artists – completely out of the blue we get tweeted by a new band that none of us had come across before to listen to their stuff. This is False Solutions and, let me tell you, for a young band they’re worth listening to.

So, before we get to the EP itself, what can I tell you about them? Having done a bit of digging, as their Bandcamp page doesn't give you a lot of info about the band themselves, False Solution are "a four piece Alternative Rock band from Belfast" who claim to draw from many influences so that their offerings will “surely suit your musical tastes.”

So... does it? Let’s go song by song on the three track EP.

Make it Big – Apart from the lyrics making me feel old (“Born in the 1990’s"???!!) and borrowing the odd line to (hopefully) pay homage to great tracks from the past from bands like The Who and Bryan Adams, this is a very catchy track and I can really hear the chorus as a festival anthem with the crowd bellowing the woah-oh-oh’s

Head in the Sand – the Title Track for the EP. This has the sound of a classic 80's rock track with an incredible guitar solo worthy of hair metal (ironically, way before their time *sob*)

Mind Reader – A much slower, quieter, more melodic start to this track that builds really really well. I love the lyrics to this one and, if they were going to release a single, this one would be my recommendation as a commercial success.

As separate tracks these all have something to commend them and, although I’d want to hear more from them before I’d say there was “something for everyone” they are definitely to my taste (if you know my taste in music, this is actually meant as a compliment). The songwriting has a lot going for it – the lyrics are catchy and the choruses singable with melodies that you’re sure you’ve heard before as they have that 80’s/90’s rock sound that epitomises the pre-Nirvana alt-rock genre. The band’s sound too is professional, tight and unique with bloody brilliant guitar playing from Michael Robinson and Jack Crangle added to Eamonn Scott’s driving drums with Jim Malone’s voice having a rawness to it that really suits their music. This unique sound is something they’re going to have to be careful doesn’t get over-produced in future albums otherwise that “edge” is going to get lost. Because there will be future albums from these guys (won’t there guys?). However, this time, for me, the EP didn’t flow as well from one track into the next as smoothly it should and thought should be given to the order of the songs for the next one. So my suggestion is to add the EP to your mp3 collection and put it on random mix with the rest of your music to enjoy each track on its own.

In any case, False Solution are the real deal for me and definitely a band I will be keeping an eye on in the future. If you miss these guys now, before they get famous, you definitely have your Head in the Sand.

Image - False Solutions

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