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Horizon S2

The crowdfunder for season 2 of the award winning Horizon web series kicks off today...

Horizon premiered in October 2015 and was entirely self-funded by the director and producers. Described as “hair-raising” and “gripping”, the first season tells the story of five friends who try to evacuate the city after an alien ship arrives over Bristol! Since it’s release it has been playing at festivals around the world in places like Melbourne, Toronto, Washington DC, Los Angeles and Miami to name but a few. It has been nominated for a number of awards and won for both Best Visual Effects and Best Science Fiction in Los Angeles. Season 2 is set to conclude the show and will be filmed across the city in August of this year, for a release in 2017. The story has already been mapped out and the scripts written, with just as much action, drama and suspense as there was in season 1 – all building to a dramatic and shocking finale. There are also a number of new cast members and locations lined up to make sure that the second season surpasses the first!

The funding campaign launches today and there's lots of rewards on offer including signed DVDs, visits to the set and even a chance to be in the show itself! Just £10 will enable you to see the entire second season before anyone else!

So why are they crowdfunding this time? Paul and Simon from the Horizon team answered our question.

"Season 1 was funded solely by the producers, it was a non-profit project and relied on the passion and commitment of a number of talented Bristol film-makers to bring it to life. In order to make a second series and maintain a high degree of quality, we need your assistance.

Shows such as this take a lot of time, investment and planning to produce. For season 1 we were lucky to have a lot of lovely people in Bristol offering their time and experience for either no money, or donating it in kind, a lot of which was fitted in around other work. As a result, the show was in post-production for almost two years. This is not something we can repeat and with your support we can raise the budget we need to deliver a great second season and cover our costs behind the scenes."

You can find out more and support the series at IGG.ME/AT/HORIZON2

Images - Horizon

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