Film - DC at SDCC

Loads of new DC related trailers and footage have been released over the weekend at SDCC...

DC’s upcoming film slate made quite an impact at the massive Warner Bros panel, giving attendees their first look at next year’s Wonder Woman in action and, unexpectedly, a look at Justice League, including the new publicity image above.

If you managed to miss the trailers in the melee of other goodies that hit the interwebs over the weekend, never fear as Warner Bros has now officially released them.

Here's Wonder Woman:

And the Justice League footage [AQUAMAN!!! - Ed] :

Not only that but yet more Suicide Squad with an extended bit of exclusive SDCC footage which showcases some of the soundtrack which will be released as a companion album along with the film on 5th August, with a full soundtrack release a week later:

Oh yeah, and, since we're talking DC Character related movies, this happened too:

I'm sure there's plenty more to come where that came from.

Image - Warner Bros/DC

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