Gaming - Defective Inspector's Monthly Report: July 2016

The Defective Inspector arrived in the /G-f office proclaiming he has written a new monthly activity report. "July?" we asked. "No!" he answered "I always tell the truth"...

July is a good time for gamers, mainly because the days get shorter and the nights get longer from now up until December time and we gamers do love our darkness. Sadly, this is the peak of Apollo’s reign so the curtains shall forever be closed in fear of sun burn. But while the death ball may shine in the sky we do still have quests to complete and stories to be told. So it’s time to line up the usual suspects and find out what they know!

Infinium Strike

Breaking away from Ubisoft some mavericks formed Codex Worlds and they have now released a tasty space based tower defence called Infinium Strike. Taking elements of Tower Defence genre, Homeworld-esque graphical detail and one of the tastiest pieces of music in a trailer they are trying to make a mark on gaming history. Providing both a story based campaign and an endless spawn game mode you are likely to be entertained for a very reasonable price tag. But if you’re unsure there is a demo on the Steam purchase page.

Book of Demons

Offering a card based twist on the traditional dungeon crawling genre Book of Demons is a game where you are both player and (to an extend) the GM. It’s early access release is set to be late July while the full release is planned in Autumn this year. With such an ambitious release target I can only presume Early Access is a matter of polishing and bug reports so add it to your wishlist and be prepared to try something a little bit different.


Supporting my UK based gaming brothers in arms I wanted to show you something a bit different. It’s called Playora and is designed to allow you to stream gaming content from the PC directly to your TV. This is something of a growing market due to the popularity of E-Sports like DOTA 2, LoL and CS:GO but there is a demand and it is getting attention. Using their own made program you can stream directly to your own TV for free without the inconsistent issues that tend to happen with PC to TV interaction. If it’s your cup of tea I recommend you drink up!

SVA Games and Tigertap promise Toys-To-Life

Let your inner child be free because it’ll want to touch everything to do with this. SVA Games and Tigertap have pooled their resources and formed a partnership in the attempt to bring you a concept called “TitanBots: Robot Fighting Champions” which is a Toys-To-Life robot fighting game. It looks as awesome as it sounds, you make a figurine and it will fight digitally similar to Skylander but SO MUCH COOLER. It makes my inner geek squeal but it’s all very early days, follow them on Facebook here to keep in the loop.

Crowdfunding Project of the Month: Prey for the Gods

This month it was VERY difficult to choose between this and another game. But this game looks so magnificently epic I had to give it the attention it deserves. 3 rogue ex-cooperate employees have branched off solo working in their basement to make something truly beautiful immersive, orchestrally inspiring and conceptually grand that it demanded the spotlight. The concept is clear enough, you go full colossal battle in a fast paced open world where you can make non-linear choices to b*tch slap the gods who have forsaken you. Because we didn’t have enough to get excited about this winter wonderland they decided to include survival mechanics meaning you must keep warm to keep slaying. Want to support it? Rhetorical question, of course you do, click here.

Unrelated note to all of this, I earlier described gamer’s as vampires with the lack of sun love. I cannot confirm nor deny gamers are vampires. Coven for life

Images are from Steam, and Facebook
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