Podcast - Was This Always Weird?

Was this always weird? Well, it's about to get weirder as Nate McKenzie introduces our new regular film related podcast people, Was This Always Weird...

Peanut butter and jelly. Fish and chips. Johnny and June. Scorsese and DiCaprio. Gin and writing. Bourbon and writing. Any alcohol and writing. Any alcohol and anything.

Some things are just synonymous. Some things are such a perfect match that their syncopation is not so much something you discover as a memory of something that was always together.

That is how we here at /G-f felt about joining forces with Was This Always Weird from the first time we listened.

Cody Dearing and Matt Stoner are the hosts responsible for WTAW; each podcast they invite a third party to partake in the deconstruction of a classic film (or at least older - I'm not sure I'd qualify Kindergarten Cop as a classic). Funny, witty, insightful, and more than a little weird at times, WTAW is everything we here at /G-f strive to be... except in the form of sound waves gently caressing your eardrums. This is basically a Justice League-level team-up, folks. (I call Batman!)

Treat your ears to the sultry voices of Cody and Matt, learn something new about a movie you fell in love with as a kid, and just try not to get the theme song (called Foot and Mouth Disease - listen below) stuck in your head...

Listen to the latest podcast every Friday here on /G-f and remember to check out the archives for the episodes you've missed so far.

Follow Cody on Twitter at @Pyroccd, Matt at @mathyou and get an early hit of the podcast on their own website by following @WasThisAlways

Image - WTAW
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