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Currently doing the rounds at the festivals, including EIFF and the London East End Film Festival, and having just finished a run at Singapore's MINDS Film Festival, find out more and watch the trailer for My Feral Heart...

When Luke, an independent and sensitive young man with Down’s syndrome, is forced to live in a care home after his elderly mother dies, he struggles to settle. Frustrated by having his wings clipped by unfamiliar rules; totally unimpressed by his new housemates and grieving for his Mum - his disappointment soon turns to wonder when Luke discovers a way out and begins to explore the surrounding countryside. When he is caught sneaking out by Pete, a troubled youth who tends the gardens at the Home, they strike up an unlikely rapport: Pete covers for Luke when he sneaks out and in return Luke helps Pete clear the garden. On an illicit excursion to the adjoining field Luke discovers a young injured girl in desperate need of his help…..This is Luke’s story.

My Feral Heart is an original screenplay by Duncan Paveling which blends social realism with an element of fantasy born out of innocence. Duncan said, “My inspiration came from the similarities and experiences that we all share, regardless of needs. This story is about ‘ability’, not ‘disability’.”

Director Jane Gull added “The script’s originality and characters inspired me to choose this film as my debut feature. I am attracted to stories that explore the human condition, and despite this being a film about loss I could see that the main character and the story itself could be treated with humour and an underlying sense of hope.”

Produced by James Rumsey and with music by composer Barrington Pheloung, best known for providing the themes and scores for Morse and Endeavour, My Feral Heart stars Steven Brandon in an impressive debut as Luke.

Watch the trailer here and we'll have a review for you soon.

Image - Official Poster
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