Gaming - Defective Inspector's Monthly Report: August 2016

Don't you just love the summer? It certainly sounds like the Defective Inspector does... Anyway, here's his monthly report for August...

We are knee deep in the sticky sweat fest that is August. After an almost painful overdose of sunlight I have scurried away back into the pits of gaming to bring you everything you’ll ever need to fight off the inexcusably invasive vitamin D supplement shoved into your skin cells. SUMMER BE DAMNED! Besides sunlight causes cancer doesn’t it? Well if it doesn’t I am using it as an excuse to continue writing and scowl at my monitors infuriating glare.


Survival-Horror is a growing genre these days so it’s important to point out when someone does it right. Phantaruk has recently crawled its way out of our nightmares and onto the Steam sale page taunting you with its brown trouser inducing premise. Between the unknown beast searching the ship for your insides, the mystery behind the ship itself and an unnerving biological clock you will have only one phrase rolling around in your mind. You must get off the ship.

Don’t Disturb

On a more whimsical note I wanted to show you this recently greenlit game. The creators have taken a piece of Asian folklore and shaped it into a game inviting you to think about death, spirituality, puzzles and the afterlife. The fact it’s being created in my home town is simply icing on the cake for me. While it’s too early to say how complicated this game will it appears promise causality and mystery. That alone makes it intriguing enough to justify following it and awaiting the release in Q3 2016.

Monsters and Monocles

Covering the entire spectrum, I need to share with you this ludicrously energetic game. It’s been under construction since 2014 and now the creators feel ready to show off what an idea, a coding and heaps of madness can do. Classifying itself as a frantic Victorian steampunk themed twin-stick shooter it is willing to entertain your wildest dreams by giving you a chance to fire a weapon called the “Crumpet Cannon”. Got you attention now don’t I? CLICK HERE

Mr. Robot Game?!

You may have noticed elsewhere that Nate McKenzie has an interest in Mr. Robot. It seems this television phenomenon has tickled the interest of the gaming market (albeit mobile gaming). A game has been developed, released and promises a head first dive into the 1st season of the show in a new digital media. It’s being developed by Tell Tale games and, as one of the few times I’ll even consider talking about an app game, it must be worth giving a go… Right? One way to find out!

Crowdfunding Project of the Month: New Homeland

You know how Sandbox games tend to be a little…. Too free? I myself find it almost a little mundane that every publisher under the sun is bringing out the same sandbox style with little substance or difference. It would seem Hot Fudge Games are looking to break that pattern with this little beauty. While keeping the freedom of the sandbox it also gleefully gets into bed with the classic 2D RPG style bringing a more action/adventure feel to a dying concept. You can build your own base, gather resources, join a faction, fight mega bosses, crawl through dungeons and so much more. The best part is this game invites you to interact with the world, not just mine it for resources and build on its hollow carcass. Even in larval state the music, graphics, concept and genre mix is ringing every bell I own. So I invite you to ring yours by investing in the Kickstarter campaign or at least approving it on Steam’s greenlight system. OR BOTH! Just make sure Hot Fudge Games know we want them to succeed.

And that’s it for this month! If you have your own personal project worth supporting or even a game you think is worthy of awareness feel free to get in contact, we’re all only a click away.

Images are from Steam, Twitter (Mr. Robot) and Kickstarter.
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