Audio - The Secret of Springheel'd Jack episode 3

Susan Omand has words with herself as she listens to the final episode of the final series of The Saga of Springheel’d Jack from the Wireless Theatre Company...

I’ve really enjoyed all three series of the Springheel’d Jack stories from the guys at Wireless Theatre Company. The story follows London police detective Jonah Smith’s quest over more than 37 years as he endeavours to discover the secret of the mysterious sightings and subsequent murders of the legendary “monster” known only as Springheel’d Jack. There has been fun and adventure, intrigue and action. The Victorian settings for the stories really added to the atmosphere and I loved the old-fashioned Boys Own/Dick Barton feel of the episodes, with great characters and excitement carrying from one episode to the next along with the stories which have built up over all three series.

When we left Jonah Smith at the cliffhanger ending of Episode 2, way back at the start of the year, he and his adversary, a spy known as Cheshire Cat, had had to work together in the tunnels under London to fight the Prussians (complete with dodgy ‘Allo ‘Allo style accents), safeguard the country and, hopefully, find Springheel’d Jack.

Episode 3 has been a long time coming then, so was it worth the wait? I can’t tell you much about the story itself because I can’t give any spoilers away so, instead, I invite you into my head to hear the inner monologue that went along with my first listen to the last ever episode. It went like this...


Hahaha (in a Prussian/German accent)

Oh cool! It’s her.



Oh hang on...

Wait a second...

What the...

Oh no.

Oh nonononono.

That’s not good.

Tell me they haven’t.

Please PLEASE say they haven’t gone for this well-worn clichéd get out with the storyline.

Oh, Gawd.

They have.



Such a shame.


So the moral of this story is... the Secret of Springheel’d Jack should stay just that – a secret.

Image - Wireless Theatre Company

If you really want to discover the Secret of Springheel'd Jack, you can find all the episodes (the rest are great fun) here.
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