TV - Crisis in Six Scenes

The trailer for Woody Allen's Amazon Originals series Crisis in Six Scenes has finally been released...

"Is something illegal going on here?"

Starring Elaine May, better known as a screenplay writer for films such at The Birdcage and Primary Colours, and Woody Allen, who also wrote and directed the series, in the lead roles, the six episode half-hour comedy series is set in the 1960's and revolves around a strait-laced suburban couple who get an unexpected crash course in counterculture from a young hippie, played by, yes, Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana). John Mangaro (OitNB, Carol) and Rachel Brosnahan (House of Cards, The Blacklist) also star as the couple’s close family friend and his new fiancée.

The series is due to drop on Amazon Prime at the end of the month and, I'm sorry, but it really does look quite funny.

Image - IMDb

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