Comic - Papercuts and Inkstains #6

Papercuts and Inkstains #6

Steve Taylor-Bryant delves back into the mad world of Madius Comics as they unleash the sixth issue of Papercuts and Inkstains into the world…

Ah, it's that time again. That wondrous time where I unplug from the awful world of reality and bask in whatever batshit crazy the guys and gals of Madius Comics have in store for me now. You know they really raise the bar with every issue of Papercuts and Inkstains already and yet here we are on issue 6 and I can tell you know they haven't dropped a beat.

The 1980's inspired VHS cover by Angela Sprecher is glorious and welcomes you into the Madius frame of mind before you even get to the first story which I'm telling you now, nay, I'm stating it as fact, is the best 'standalone' story they have ever produced. Again utilising the art skills of Sprecher we stumble into the glorious Rob Jones and Mike Sambrook creation of Sylvia Jo in ‘Meat’ the Monotaur. A story that shows the hazards of modern business speak, the problems with technology, the awesome use of office stationery as weapons, and takes a dig at Donald Trump, whilst Sylvia the intern is sent on an Indiana Jones style quest for coffee. This story is laugh out loud funny, the funniest I’ve read from Madius, and is so beautifully drawn. There is one panel showing the tension of running out of coffee (We need a hard stop on everything! We’re outta Goddamn coffee!) that HAS TO BE a poster, are you listening Madius? HAS TO BE A POSTER… you’re welcome.

Eaton Mess sees Jones and Sambrook team up with Darren Stephens and unleashes a 50’s feeling Women’s Institute character to defeat horror at the local church run fair. A lot of fun, again the art is top notch, and Madius have really got me to like their monster inspired stuff.

Papercuts and INkstains #6

Where’d Wendi Go pitches Jones and Sambrook with Cherry Harvey and we see the girl guides on their last adventure in the woods before they all grow up and go off to school. There is again a monster but it is defeated using ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Wilderness Survival Guide & BBQ Cookbook’ and the 80’s style humour of kid’s films like The Goonies match the very obvious Predator tribute remarkably well.

It wouldn’t be Papercuts and Inkstains without The Profits of Doom and the adventure continues here. As Terry and the Profits are sent through different portals the art changes to show a definite break in the surroundings and it works really well, plus I still can’t get over one of the Profits being called Keith!

The letter to the readers at the end of the issue is brilliantly funny, self-deprecating, and rewrites the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme, so that’s always good… Alan Moore he told us were the greatest! Which leads to a poster advertising the forthcoming Kickstarter campaign for the collected Papercuts and Inkstains TPB which is going to be a must own (cheers for the quote love on the poster by the way guys) and we will bring you more about this when we know.

The entire issue six is brilliant and as strong as you’d imagine a Madius Comics release to be but award for outstanding contribution this issue goes to Angela Sprecher who really blew my socks off with her art.

Image - Madius Comics.
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