Film - Why Does Leia Hate Chewbacca?

Our own young Jedi knight, Kraig Taylor-Bryant, asks a question...

So here's a question I've never pondered before. What does Princess Leia have against Chewbacca? I can’t really give evidence as to why specifically but the evidence of her not liking him in general is enough to at least make the assumption. I did look for things that may contradict this entire theory but, to my surprise, there seemed to be only one. And, to be quite honest, I can easily argue against it. This is the fact that Leia hugs Chewie after encountering Tie fighters when trying to outrun the Death Star following her rescue. To be honest, it could easily be said that she was just happy to be alive and would have hugged anyone if they were in the cockpit, instead of Chewie.

So I have evidence to argue against those opposing my theory but what actual evidence do I have to support it? Well, for a start, does anyone remember the line “will somebody get this big walking carpet out of my way”? Have you ever considered that Leia purposely insulted Chewie because she doesn't like him? She also, in Empire Strikes Back, remarks that she would "just as soon kiss a Wookiee" at Han Solo, not only implying that Wookiees are unattractive, but also proving that she doesn’t care about personality as much as looks in a boyfriend. That’s obviously a different topic all together but couldn’t that mean that she doesn’t like any other species except human? But that’s another topic for another article. So anyway, why would Leia call Chewie a "big walking carpet" after being rescued by him, Han and Luke? I believe that she has something against Wookiees in general.

You're probably thinking that two points aren’t really enough to prove a theory this crazy. Well how about the fact that Chewie was never given a medal after helping to blow up the Death Star. In fact, why did Han even get a medal if he just helped? And if that’s all it takes to get a medal then what about all the rebel pilots who helped? Why didn’t Porkins get a memorial for his sacrifice? Okay, I’m going off topic again. Anyway, so why wasn’t Chewie given a medal then? I’m pretty sure it takes two people to pilot the Falcon. We all saw how badly Rey piloted the Falcon on her own and I’m pretty sure the Falcon would have crashed into the Death Star trench if it was just Han at the controls. Where was Chewie's credit? He even went up to get a medal at the ceremony! I bet when he growls at the end he was saying "where is my medal?” My last point is a bit contradictory because J.J Abrams even admitted that it was a mistake but, mistake or not, it is Star Wars 'canon' and you can’t change that unless Disney want to pay a load of money to redo one scene. And another thing, (Spoilers! if you somehow still haven’t seen it) after Han Solo dies, Chewie just walks past Leia when they get back to the Resistance Base and she ignores him! If Leia really did like Chewie then why would she not give him a hug after his best friend died?? There are theories that Chewie was under some kind of 'Wookiee mourning ritual' which, to be honest, is a load of bollocks when you look at all the other evidence.

So what can we assume from this evidence? Well it’s quite clear that Leia just hates Wookiees in general. There are a few minor things that I also came up with to support the theory, but I don’t think they were really good enough points to support my argument to be fair. But I reckon Disney should make a stand alone film where Leia tries to kill Chewie and they later on find something to stop them fighting which would kind of explain it all. So I do hope that Disney somehow sees this article and we see some kind of Leia versus Chewbacca film in the future.

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