SotD - Saturday Throwback: Beastie Boys, Intergalactic

Song of the Day Saturday Throwback is some music from back in the day to kick off your weekend in style. This week Steve Taylor-Bryant runs from a giant hamster and goes Intergalactic with the Beastie Boys...

"We're from the family tree of old school hip-hop
Kick off your shoes and relax your socks
The rhymes are spread just like a pox
'Cause the music is loud like an electric shock"

I'm not sure of the why's, where's and how's but one day I woke up and the Beastie Boys had changed. I fear change. There was a more experimental sound, a more modern take on the music and, whilst it was good, I sort of missed the 1980's hip-hop style mixed with hardcore punk. I couldn't embrace the changes and so didn't listen to them for a long while, yes I'm fickle like that. It was my loss though. For every Fight For Your Right and No Sleep Till Brooklyn I thought I missed there was a Sabotage or Body Movin' that were incredible. Recently I started going back through the later stuff. Whilst Licensed to Ill will always be my favourite I developed a love for Ill Communication and an affection for Hello Nasty in particular. Super Disco Breakin' is a great tune to start an album with and tracks like Remote Control and Puttin' Shame in ya Game had the older influence about them. I started to appreciate the experimental and Song For the Man really is a standout track and would possibly be my pick from the album if it wasn't for Intergalactic.

Intergalactic has the feel of old school Beastie Boys, fast aggressive vocals with group shouts of each final word, and makes my dad dancing come out when I hear it. Enjoy...

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