Book - The Copper Cascade

Today sees the release of the first in a series of Virulent ChapBooks from Kneel Downe, The Copper Cascade...

“The construction of Mental Rehabilitation Facility Alpha now began. Due to the materials used it soon became known as THE COPPER CASCADE.” - VirulentBlurb: Reflections

Are they evil? Or just trying to help? It may be too early to tell...

Dark Deliverance and his band of subversive superheroes are seeking vengeance on a hateful world bathed in endless night. From destroying property in the cyberpunk city to their run-ins with the wolf-splice detective Kurt Lobo, one thing is for sure...

The Copper Cascade mental facility may not be able to hold them!

Containing extracts pulled together from the previously published books of Kneel Downe’s VirulentBlurb Universe, this is the first in a series of four Virulent ChapBooks which introduces readers to the characters and concepts in Kneel’s writing in a smaller, cheaper, more easy to read way.

So what is a ChapBook? According to Steve Taylor-Bryant, who wrote the Foreword for The Copper Cascade, "Chapbooks are an old way of telling a story in small manageable chunks, but they remind us of a better time where you could read your favourite author's work without adding the expense of a huge hardback book to your weekly budget. You could pick and choose what turned you on, and now you can again."

This first chapbook sees Kneel’s version of a superhero story take centre stage. Media streams, monologues, meetings and medical notes make up a dark and twisted take on a popular genre that has some of the usual tropes but also some strokes of genius that makes his band of characters, like his writing, unique.

Welcome, then, to The Copper Cascade. Will you find your Deliverance?

Image - VirulentBlurb

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