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Titan Books announce the second Danny Cleary novel from Barbra Leslie, Rehab Run...

No matter how far she runs she can never escape her past

Danny Cleary returns on 25th November in the second thrilling instalment of the gritty and gripping crime trilogy that started with Cracked. Once again she finds herself embroiled in an underworld of insanity, revenge and murder…

Danny Cleary is getting clean. When her twin sister was murdered and her nephews kidnapped, drug-addicted Danny crossed North America with her brother Darren pursuing those responsible—and being pursued. Now she’s in rehab in the peace and tranquility of rural Nova Scotia; the hardest thing she’s smoking is nicotine, and she’s taken up running. This was exactly what she needed. Then she finds a human hand in a mailbox and her rural idyll is shattered.


Barbra Leslie studied film and theatre at York University, then English at the University of Toronto. She has published numerous stories in literary magazines, a novel, Nerve, and a screenplay for straightedge films. She’s been a marketing manager for a major Bay Street law firm, a court reporter, and criminal law issues officer for a government ministry.

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