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Scarlett Johannson

The last in a series of 10-second teaser trailers is out for the live-action remake of Ghost in the Shell. Susan Omand watched it (and grumbled a bit)...

You all know of my concerns surrounding this remake of what I regard as one of the most perfect Japanese animations of all time. So I must admit to keeping a bit of an eye on the progress of the film to see if I would be proven right or wrong.

So, what can ten seconds tell you? This final one showcased the CGI of the Major's cloaking technology, showed that they were copping out on the nudity aspect of the film and announced a date of 13/11 in Tokyo, the significance of which is that Paramount are holding a "trailer party" (no, not in a caravan park) this coming weekend to unveil the full length trailer for the film in the home of the original animation.

Previous teaser "glitches," as Paramount are calling them, have all been leading up to the announcement by regularly dropping tiny clips of the film detailing character and scene setting, the look of the film, rather than plot points. I must admit that I am pleasantly surprised so far because the clips seem to stick very closely to the original in theme and style (apart from the hideous casting mistake of Scarlett Johannson - WHY can't Hollywood see that some films just don't need the A-list star to draw in the crowds and put bums on seats?) but I'm still not convinced that they're not going to muck it up big style. They've already chickened out on the nudity, are they going to bottle it on anything else and the whole film end up as a generic action flick or is it going to go to the other extreme and end up as being all CGI style over substance? Time will, no doubt, tell.

In the meantime, this style of viral drip-feed marketing seems to work for now, and was added to by the fact the teasers were "hacked" into the season finale of that maven of viral marketing, Mr Robot.  The Ghost in the Shell teasers have all been well received by the majority of audiences without complaint that it's "showing too much" but we'll see how long that anticipation for the film lasts once the full trailer is released. Here are all the others in the series of teasers. Let me know what you think.

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