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Titan Books announce the publication next month of Snatch, a Hard Case Crime novel from Gregory Mcdonald...

From the bestselling, award-winning author of Fletch, Gregory Mcdonald, comes two pulp crime classics collected together for the first time in thirty years. Stunningly presented with an original cover painting by Patrick Faricy this is a treat for Hard Case Crime fans.

Two precocious eight-year-old boys.
Two teams of kidnappers, in way over their heads.
Two opportunities for mayhem, danger.
And the trenchant social satire no crime writer has ever delivered like Gregory Mcdonald.

Whether it’s a Middle East oil crisis in the 1970s or the London Blitz during WWII, world events have a way of breeding trouble on the home front, too. That’s how Toby Rinaldi, son of a U.N. Ambassador, wound up kidnapped on his way to a California amusement park, and how Robby Burnes, orphaned son of British nobility, wound up snatched on the snowy streets of New York City. But as Robby’s famous namesake taught us, the best laid plans don’t always work out as intended. Especially not when you’re a kidnapper in the hands of Gregory Mcdonald.


Gregory Mcdonald was an American mystery writer known for his character Irwin Maurice Fletcher, an investigative reporter who preferred the nickname "Fletch." Two of the Fletch books earned Edgar Awards from the Mystery Writers of America: Fletch was named Best First Novel in 1975, and Confess, Fletch won for Best Paperback Original in 1977. Mcdonald would go on to write seven more Fletch novels. This became the 1985 movie of the same name starring Chevy Chase.

Snatch is published on 7th February and we will have a review for you soon.

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