New Year, New Name

Steve Taylor-Bryant shows off our new look website and highlights the importance of taking a stand against cyber-bullying...


Wow, that's quite the echo...


That's better. Hi, my name is Steve and I'm a high functioning alcoholic... what? Oh...

Apparently you aren't my usual New Year's Day audience.

Hi, my name is Steve and I contribute to this site. We used to be called /Garbage-file but we aren't now. Not many people ridiculed us, most got the Hackers reference, but a few didn't. Not one person swore at us. We changed our name anyway. No point having your team being uncomfortable, no point in companies being embarrassed to use us. Let's be honest, we're in the entertainment game and sometimes having a great review from someone with garbage in the name is unacceptable. We've realised that and acted, not one person was hurt in the process.

We live on the internet though, not everyone is so lucky. We acted despite no threat, no harm was directed our way and we will continue to be honest in our opinions and reviews and, I as I write this, I implore some of you to disagree with us on subjects. That's the pure essence of debate! Your opposition to our point of view is the whole point of what we do. Sometimes though the internet gets "those" types. They will pick out someone with an opinion not to their liking and push them to death. Yes, I purposely missed out the words 'point of death' as we lost a friend through trolling over Christmas.

So our new site has a new upbeat name and the same funny, great (grammatically bad if I did write it innit) content.


Our tolerance of bullies is zero. Our tolerance of trolls is zero. We allow minimal bad language in your correspondence with us online, mainly cos I is the potty mouth, but we WILL NOT stand for racism, bullying, or abuse of any kind.

For example...

"Steve you fucker! Tank-Girl is shite"

I'll accept that. I'll maybe backwards program your computer, find your parents and ask them to EDUCATE you but, ya know, not abusive. However, when the discussion stops being a two way debate about a subject or opinion and instead becomes a relentless, threatening, personal attack on someone, then we will have a problem with it.

To help with the awareness of cyber bullying and online abuse, this year we are teaming up with the wonderful guys and gals at #HushNow who are tirelessly working to shut down that element on the internet that none of us wants to see. You'll see some posts through the year and, as a site, we will throw our weight behind some of their campaigns.

We have a new clean looking site, in our opinion some of the best contributors in the game and some incredible content. We also have our own dream, of a place that's safe to comment, to share your opinion in social comfort. Can both #HushNow and The DreamCage eradicate online abuse? We are certainly going to try.

Welcome to The DreamCage.

Find out more about #HushNow to see how you can help send a #hushnow message to Bullies at and follow them on Twitter at @HashtagHushNow.

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