Opinion – Top 5 Songs to Cook Food With

After perusing social media, Steve Taylor-Bryant decides he’s onto to a great idea involving a CD player and the kitchen. In other news, Cleaner Wanted for Office Kitchen, slight damage and much spaghetti staining...

We have some great readers of our sites, really passionate people that take the time to read our nonsense (okay, only my stuff is nonsense, Mr. Lawyer), they comment and take part in debate across both our sites, they join in with our #NotBaconBits idea (yeah ‘cos I'm the only one who writes nonsense, Mr. Lawyer) and we follow them back on social media because we are habitual stalkers, or we consider them friends, whichever helps you sleep at night.

I had a day off from writing this week and stalked/read the tweets of one such reader. Jimmy Hunter (@JimJamGin on Twitter) has been a regular reader and passionate online contributor of ours since we launched just over a year ago, and I like to think we are friends, or at least as much friends as you can be with someone you’ve never met and you hide your real persona from behind random Terry Gilliam film images (because I like Terry Gilliam, Mr. Lawyer). So it’s a chilled out Tuesday. I started drinking about 8.30, late for me I know but I had a lie in, and started my daily stalking/reading. On my timeline Jimmy pops up playing a hashtag game. This game was #cookingtunage and Jimmy was coming up with some funny titles like Wham Wrap! And Wok on By and, my personal favourite, I’m So Eggsited. Yes I really am that easily pleased. But the idea morphed in my Grolsch… I mean mind… and I remembered back to an article I had written for our twin site The DreamCage in which I picked some films that are great entertainment whilst you iron. I know right? Genius levels of ideas in this here cranium (Oi, Mr. Lawyer, put the Gin back or I will end you!) and decided it was time to grace the pages of AlbieMedia with something similar. 

You see, in a previous life, I was a chef. Not a Michelin star level chef, way to much work for a naturally lazy man, but I was of a decent standard. I was better at management of teams and sorting problems though so I ventured on a career within branded pub restaurants fixing things, like Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares but with more swearing and a better looking host. In some places I walked in on day one and sacked everyone. This left me running a kitchen on my own whilst I hired a brigade to take over. Being on my own meant I could listen to whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Some high energy tracks usually whilst I prepped like a nutter and put my processes in place. Here are the top 5 tunes to do the kitchen work of 6 chefs on your own with…

5 – Sum41

What a nice bunch of lads. They care about you and your manic work regime so they guarantee you All Killer, No Filler. Marvellous… Here’s a favourite from back in the day. Fat Lip

4 – Limp Bizkit

That Fred Durst seems like a top chap. Very reserved. I think he should let some of that inner angst out sometimes, hes too delicate to let things build up. Anyway let's Break Stuff

3 – Ugly Kid Joe

Oh so sue me! I bloody love ‘em. Madman is a cautionary tale about looking after your children in a theme park. They are doing a public service! Altogether now “Surprise, surprise, I’m comin’ at ya’ live, I sure as hell ain’t Mickey Mouse, I’m a killer in disguise…”

2 – Alien Ant Farm

When it comes to cover songs there are not many better than these teenage oiks and their version of a Micheal Jackson classic. Smooth Criminal

1 – System Of A Down

Seriously, it has a recipe title right there on the cover! It was always going to be Chop Suey. Honestly, if you didn’t see this coming then you drink more than me.

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