SotD - Tchaikovsky on Theremin

The Maestros of classical music with added Theremin (and duck) return as Decostruttori Postmodernisti release their interpretation of Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto n°1...

Nikolay Grigoryevich allegedly said of Tchaikovsky's first piano concerto that it was "worthless and unplayable; passages are so fragmented, so clumsy, so badly written that they are beyond rescue; the work itself is bad, vulgar; in places you had stolen from other composers; only two or three pages are worth preserving; the rest must be thrown away or completely rewritten."

And that was BEFORE he heard it played without a piano but, instead, with added Theremin, squeaky duck and saucepan lid thanks to Decostruttori Postmodernisti. If you haven't heard of them before, where have you been? They are four professional musicians from Italy who claim to be "Less classical than Paganini, more numerous than Igudesman & Joo, less brass band than Mnozil Brass Band" and their performance is almost as much about the video as it is about the music, this is post modernism at its finest! We've featured them before on AlbieMedia with their rendition of Satie's Gnossiene no 1 and you will definitely hear more from their fascinating repertoire as time goes on.

Image - official Facebook page.
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