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A horror film, 10 years in the making, that has cost its creator more than just his sanity. Now you can help "Crazy D" Lane to finally bring the Not Quite Dead to life by supporting their new crowdfunder on IndieGogo...

Right from the outset, Invasion Of The Not Quite Dead was always about the obstinate and uncompromising passionate belief of one man. Visionary director and a protege of Ken Russell, AD Lane has consistently refused to compromise on the vision of his project and will bring his unique brand of horror finally to our screens later this year. And, in order to accomplish this, last Saturday evening, AD Lane launched a new Crowdfunder which sees the fate of his ten year passion project returned to the hands of the people for that final push to fund the final 5% of filming and get the film into to Post Production.

It's hard to believe that, when AD Lane first brought his film to social media 6 years ago, crowdfunding platforms didn't really exist. Lane won the support of thousands of backers with a campaign that was run from his own film's website and he also pioneered the use of the types of perks and incentives that are now used by campaigns every day. What made Invasion of the Not Quite Dead and Lane's approach to funding so different is that people backed him as a person, as a film maker and on his belief rather than on the concept of the film. This is still the case today and, with more and more footage and detail being released on their website and social media, it is obvious why he still retains the love and support of backers who have been with him from day one. As a result of this support, AD received enough funding then to get to the point he is at now but the film still need a little bit more to get over the finish line (that's the trouble when you have a film that takes 10 years to make, prices don't go down.)

We asked AD Lane to tell us a bit more about the film itself and he was, as usual, giving very little away about the story. "The plot to 'Invasion of the Not Quite Dead' has always been shrouded to some degree in secrecy. It's very rare these days to see a film without knowing too much about it, like seeing 'From Dusk til Dawn' for the first time without knowing the big twist. These days you can watch a trailer & you've seen the film, our teaser [watch it at the bottom of the page] gives NOTHING away and, more than that, it does what it's supposed to, which is to TEASE. We can reveal that the film does revolve around a police sergeant called Sam who returns to his hometown after a 15 year absence to try and fix his very broken family that he left behind. He finds though that they're too far gone, or are they just simply victim to a horrific virus that is sweeping the town?"

So, now that you're as intrigued as we are, what do you get for your investment this time around? The perks on this crowdfunder are, quite simply, amazing. For a minimum of one pound, as well as the usual social media shout out, backers will get a 40 page pdf book called "When Dreams Become Nightmares," that gives a detailed and grittily honest account of the trials and tribulations involved in the making of the film.  Then there are the usual T-shirts, the posters, the film downloads, DVDs, Blu-rays and Soundtrack CDs. Invest slightly more and get some of the more unique perks like an invitation to the wrap party or the premiere or to see your own name on the big screen as an executive producer of the film. And there are perks for businesses too - want a video advert made by AD Lane for your own business or to see your product or business in the film itself? That's available too. Film makers can get PR advice or film consultations or even get their own short film shown as part of the Moonlight Cinema tour of the film. These are the "money can't buy" opportunities that, if you invest in this crowdfunder, money CAN buy!

But getting this film completed is really about more than "just a film" for AD Lane. His journey up until this point has not been an easy one and Lane has had to overcome the biggest of obstacles in his battle to bring Invasion of the Not Quite Dead to the screen. For so many Creatives the refusal to compromise on vision is both a blessing and a curse and never has this been more evident than with this film. Crazy D Lane has earned his title as the film has caused mental breakdown, physical illness and financial pressure that would have led to a lesser man giving up. You just have to watch his short film Just Another Broken Clock or read a recent interview with him to feel the effects that the last ten years have had on him and his family and yet Crazy D Lane never compromised and he refused to give in to the monumental pressure to move on. As a result of this, Invasion of the Not Quite Dead has grown in stature and gained power through the adversity faced by its creator. So, on Saturday he returned to the backers, both old and new, to ask you to dig deep and support a man who is about to achieve the seemingly impossible. 

We'll leave the last word to the crazy man himself:

"Please continue your support & help me finish what is now a 10 year passion project. The reason I’m crowd funding is because I feel as though I have now proven that I am someone who would never quit his dreams, but somehow finds a way to make them come true. This particular project is very unique in every aspect & I hope people will walk proudly along side me as I cross the finish line. It has now evolved into something much more than just making a movie, it has evolved into a reason for living & now I'm BACK to finish what I started, I want to make everyone proud that they supported a little indie film called 'INVASION OF THE NOT QUITE DEAD." 

Now watch the new teaser trailer and give what you can:

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