Gaming - Let's Play: Virginia

The Defective Inspector plays through some of the finalists of the IGF Awards. This time he gets seconded to the FBI for a trip to Virginia... 

Set in the last days of summer 1992, players investigate the disappearance of Lucas Fairfax, a young boy from the rural town of Kingdom, VA, The game is experienced through the eyes of Anne Tarver, a graduate FBI special agent assigned to her first case. As a rookie detective, you're paired with an experienced partner, Maria Halperin, whom your superiors instruct you to keep a watchful eye on. As the story progresses, your partner's trust in you will be tested to breaking point, all while your investigation takes on an increasingly sinister and supernatural turn, as the list of suspects grows ever larger and stranger.

In today's Let's Play video you'll hear "Who's that dude?" "Where are we going?" and "I always wondered what the FBI Office looked like..."


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Image - Steam

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