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IT'S ALIVE! The madness of Madius continues with a Kickstarter for PAPERBACKS AND INKSTAINS - The Collected Papercuts and Inkstains...

That’s right! For the first time ever the critically acclaimed Madius Comics is putting together a collected volume of the entire run of Papercuts and Inkstains which will clock in at well over 200 pages of awesome. Whether you’ve been a longtime fan of Madius or are completely new to all things orange (where have you been?!), this is a chance to pick up some of the funniest, warpedest, adventurousest (and other real words) most innovative indie comics in recent years.

Yes, Papercuts and Inkstains has been a brightly shining beacon of silliness, stupidity and Madius' flagship comic for the past two years and we've been following them from the start. You can read all the reviews (and more from Madius Comics) here.

If your a newbie to the wonder of Papercuts and Inkstains and wondering (see what we did there?) what we're on about, here's the general gist...

From the bumbling minds of Rob Jones and Mike Sambrook, and the occasional mish-mash of a certain Dr The Nick Gonzo, comes a heaving behemoth of a book containing just about every genre and every kind of story imaginable. Covering everything from westerns, sci fi and horror right through to fantasy, nostalgia and everything in between. Featuring yarns that run for multiple shorts to tales that are entirely self contained, this collection has it all. Featuring art from:

Dan Butcher
Kevin Pospisil
Stephen Weafer
Nick Gonzo
Rory Donald
Jim Lavery
Angela Sprecher
Rosie Packwood
Brian Burke
Paul Moore
Bob Turner
Darren Smith
Mike Smith
Darren Stephens
Ceri Hanvey

If you’ve already been reading from the start like we have, and you’re wondering what would be new and different in this new collection, Paperbacks and Inkstains will see EVERY strip collected into one, glorious book, remastered, rejigged and presented in glorious, CMYK COLOUR-O-RAMA. COLOUR! You asked for it and they listened. The entire book will be in FULL COLOUR for the very first time, See the stories you already know and love brought to an all new level of visual brilliance in COLOUR. Have we said COLOUR enough now? NO?


Currently working their magic COLOURing the pages are Nick Gonzo, Angela Sprecher, Rosie Packwood, Rory Donald, Darren Smith, Jim Lavery, Ceri Hanvey and Bob Turner

Here are a few sample pages (did we mention they're in COLOUR?)

See? SEE?! That's why you need to throw some money at this crowdfunder. But OK, I get it. That's not enough to excite you into dishing out some hard earned cash yet? Well, there's more. The perks on the kickstarter are A- MAY- ZING-G-G-G-G.

Just one little blue fiver will get you the collection as a digital download. Three little blue fivers will see the weighty tome that is the paperback of Paperbacks landing on your doormat. And it just gets better from there. There's prints, badges, t-shirts and pogs (POGS!) as well as original art and signed everythings.

Want to know more and keep up to date with all things Madius Comics? Make sure to check them out on Twitter (@madiuscomics) and Facebook for regular updates and don’t forget to keep a close eye on the Kickstarter page and give them all your money.

Images and info - Madius Comics

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