Event - Sci-Fido

With Sci Fi London Film Festival drawing to a close this weekend, we wanted to share some of the pictures from the Sci-Fido dogs' cosplay event. We must be barking...

Compered by the delightfully named Bunny Galore, Sci-Fido (well, what would you call a sci-fi convention's cosplay for dogs event?) has been a mainstay at Sci Fi London film festival for several years now, with proceeds from the event benefiting the charity All Dogs Matter.  This year's event was held last weekend and, as you can see, there was an eclectic mix.

So if you're feeling a little ruff after a week in the dog eat dog world of work, here's a great excuse to SIT! and Stayyyyy for a while as you decide whether these are the mutt's nuts or just dressed up like a dog's dinner.

Who's a good boy...

First Place went to the Vampire Lestat and Claw-dia

This guy has escaped from Jurassic Bark

Bruce from Jaws or just a dogfish?


A real Diamond Dog!

It's Wonder Woofan!

Did someone call The Dog-tor?

But there's always someone that doesn't get into the spirit of things...

Images - courtesy of Sci Fi London

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