SotD - Valerian Trailer

Susan Omand wants you to watch the trailer for Valerian and... wait, shouldn't this be over on The DreamCage?...

Well, technically yes because all our feature film (and book, comic, gaming and TV) coverage is over there, if it was to actually WATCH the trailer (DO watch the trailer btw, it is beautiful and it is a film by my all-time favourite director Luc Besson (who did Leon) and it will be the most stylish film in a very very long time, yes even moreso than Blade Runner 2049.)

But no, this belongs here because I want you to LISTEN to the trailer, specifically the music behind it. Recognise it?

It took me a while, but then it came to me - it's beautifully orchestrated but still the same chord progressions used in Coolio's Gangsta's Paradise (yes, I am a Coolio fan - deal with it)....

Quite neat I thought. But then I got to wondering - a lot of Coolio's gangsta rap songs were also sampled from something else, like "I'll See You" which riffs off Paschelbel's Canon in D Major. So I went looking to see what Gangsta's Paradise used and found... Stevie Wonder. Yes, really. There's a song on Songs in the Key of Life called Pastime Paradise.

I apologise if a lot of you already knew this but I didn't and it tickled me. Anyway, enjoy.

Image - IMDb

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