Film - Okja

On tonight at EIFF and tomorrow on Netflix, watch a behind the scenes featurette for Okja...

A young girl named Mija must risk everything to stop a powerful multi-national from kidnapping her best friend, a pig/ hippo hybrid named Okja. The cast includes EIFF patron Tilda Swinton, as well as Jake Gyllenhaal, Lily Collins and Paul Dano.

Bong Joon Ho firmly established himself at the vanguard of Korean filmmakers with his five feature films, including Memories of Murder (2003), The Host (2006) and the award-winning Snowpiercer. Through all of his features, Bong demonstrates a propensity for bold ideas that catch an audience off-guard and present a new kind of viewing experience where suspense, humour and humanity co-exist in singular films that cannot be defined by one particular genre.

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