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A Perfect World

When the editor's away, Steve Taylor-Bryant comes out play. With our esteemed Susan away from the office, Steve has decided to celebrate Clint Eastwood's birthday. Every day. For the whole week. Here's the next of his favourite Clint films...

The early 1990's was a great time to be a Clint Eastwood fan, ya know, if we agree not include The Rookie in any list. White Hunter Black Heart had kickstarted the decade, then you had the epic western Unforgiven, then 1993 hit and you had In The Line of Fire and the incredible Kevin Costner co starring vehicle A Perfect World. Whilst Costner pulled off one of his greatest roles, alongside the wonderful T.J. Lowther (what ever happened to him?), Eastwood's direction of John Lee Hancock's script alongside his performance as Red Garnett means you get a flawless film. The fact that both Eastwood and Costner were still basking in Oscar glory, Dances with Wolves 1990 and Unforgiven in '92, makes no awards of any kind for A Perfect World all the more strange.

Top quote - 

You know, Phillip, you have a goddamned red, white and blue American right to eat cotton candy and ride roller coasters.

Synopsis -

After escaping from a Huntsville prison, convict Butch Haynes and his partner Terry Pugh kidnap a young boy, Philip Perry, and flee across Texas. As they travel together, Butch and Philip discover common bonds and suffer the abuses of the outside "Perfect World." In pursuit is Texas Ranger "Red" Garnett and criminologist Sally Gerber.

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