Podcast - Was This Always Weird: Hocus Pocus

With some NSFW language, Cody Dearing and Matt Stoner from Austin, Texas break down the hilarious, upsetting and unusual things about a popular movie from the past. And this week, it's Hallowe'en in the summer as they remember Hocus Pocus ...

EXACTLY three hundred years after they were hanged in Salem, a trio of witches return in 1993 to gain their revenge. Terrorising the town's trick-or-treaters on Halloween, riding on vacuum cleaners instead of broomsticks, the only thing that can stop them is a black cat... an immortal black cat. Who used to be a child before they put a curse on him. As you do.

Find more WTAW Weirdness at their website at http://wasthisalwaysweird.libsyn.com/

Image - WTAW/IMDb

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