SotD - Men's Health Week: Enter Shikari

This week we’re highlighting Men’s Health Week (12th to the 18th of June). As this year’s focus is on reducing belly fat because of the health concerns of having a waist over 37”, our own gym bunny Reece Morris-Jones will be providing some tracks you can add to your workout playlist...

Interval training is all the rage these days. Be it a fad diet from some tosser on TV or the Army extolling its virtues, it seems that the best way to get toned quickly is to involve it in your exercise routine in some way.

Which is why Hertfordshire born "let's just make up our own genre and self-publish records to massive fuck off-success"* Enter Shikari are perfect as an addition to any fitness fanatic's playlist. Varying tempos? Blistering but addictive hooks that ask you to play it 'just one more time'? Lyrics that remind you to focus on tearing down our fascist capitalist system after you finish that CrossFit session? Check, check and check. Give it a listen.

If I were a betting man, I’d say this song was composed after the band has spent a few hours with Mat Fraser. Whilst the song construction may seem all over the place upon first listen, repeated plays of it reveal just how well-built it is. It gets in and out in just over 3 minutes and leaves you with a ton of energy afterwards. Great if you need a mid workout motivational song.

*I applied to be their Press Agent once. Apparently I swore too much to make my offer appealing. Bellends.

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