SotD - Men's Health Week: Pantera

This week we’re highlighting Men’s Health Week (12th to the 18th of June). As this year’s focus is on reducing belly fat because of the health concerns of having a waist over 37”, our own gym bunny Reece Morris-Jones will be providing some tracks you can add to your workout playlist...

Sometimes you just need a groovy song to pump iron to. Walk is it. As 'Dimebag' Darrell’s base chugs along and Phil Anselmo's throaty growls adds a high energy to proceedings, its a song that puts the 'heavy' into heavy metal, without forgetting the blues that form the foundation of the genre. Have a listen to the guitar solo that starts at about 3 minutes in if you don't believe me.

Some songs don't need to be pulse pounders to hit you hard. They work their way into your heart in other more esoteric ways. Pantera songs work through a mix of sheer ferocity (Mouth for War) and groove (Cemetery Gates). Walk straddles that line, which means be you pumping iron or just trying to finish those sit-ups, you can nod your head to the groove and feel like a badass simultaneously.

So what are you waiting for? Get to it!

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